We are a Registered Charity, run completely by volunteers and with no paid staff. We raise our own funds through grants and donations to enable us to run our activities.

We are currently raising funds for a permanent 'Shed' facility at the Whitaker, to enable people living with dementia to work alongside those who are not living with these challenges. The Shed will allow woodworking and gardening in a safe environment, where our participants can design and make items for themselves or others in our community.

Although we were running this much needed activity before Covid restricted our face to face contact, our sessions were monthly and involved setting up and taking down every time. A permanent facility will allow us to reach many more people, aid their wellbeing and help us increase our sustainability.

We are very grateful for all your support.


Donate through PayPal Giving Fund


We are very grateful for donations to help us continue our work and build for the future. Donations can be made securely through PayPal Giving and we will not be charged a fee.

Just click here to donate, or use the QR code to go to our PayPal Giving Fund page.


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This is a really easy way to raise funds for us and doesn't cost you anything! Simply use the easyfundraising button before you buy online and we will automatically get a donation.

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