Beacon at Home Referral Criteria

The Beacon at Home service is primarily available to people living with dementia and their Carers. We may also take referrals for other participants if space allows.

The service is delivered by a member of the Beacon team, usually in the Participant's home, although telephone or online sessions are also possible, depending on need.

Participants can take part in activities which are tailored to their interests and abilities.

The current charge for each session (up to 2 hours) is £20, which helps to contribute towards our running costs.
You are welcome to give more if you feel it's  appropriate.

For all people wishing to engage with Beacon at Home, the criteria below must be met to enable them to have the best possible experience.

Have the capacity to consent and decide for themself to receive the Beacon at Home service

People wishing to receive the service must understand what the service offers, have a willingness to positively engage and understand the professional relationship between themself and the Beacon Team member.

To be as independent as possible and be able to articulate their needs.

We understand the progression of dementia can vary from person to person. We offer tailored resources for participants at different stages of their journey through dementia. However, we are unable to offer personal care, so participants should either be able to go to the toilet on their own and eat/drink/walk with little support, or have a Carer available to meet any personal care needs which may arise during the sessions.

No report of any safeguarding or risk that could bring harm to themselves or other people at the group.

We value everyone’s health and safety. If you feel there is a potential risk of abuse or there is a current ongoing safeguarding issue which the safeguarding team/social worker is aware of – please let us know.

To live within the Rossendale area

Ideally, we’d like to open our service to everyone regardless of where they live. However, due to resources, the service is only currently open to people who live within the borough of Rossendale.

Make a Referral

If you would like to refer yourself, or someone you know to our Beacon at Home service, please click on the 'Make a Referral' button below, or
telephone us on 07726 765 368